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Europe's Journal of Psychology

Europe's Journal of Psychology

Quarterly publication of scientific psychology featuring original studies, research, critical contributions, interviews and book reviews. more

Personality Science

Personality Science

An interdisciplinary platform for theory, methods, empirical findings, and applications of personality and individual differences of humans, animals, and virtual agents. more

Psychologiedidaktik und Evaluation XII

Psychologiedidaktik und Evaluation XII

Conference proceedings on didactics of psychology and evaluation. Edited by M. Krämer, S. Preiser, K. Brusdeylins. more

About PsychOpen GOLD

PsychOpen GOLD is operated by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) and publishes primary research in the field of psychology. PsychOpen GOLD is part of ZPID's open access publishing platform PsychOpen, which provides several different options for publishing scientific works.

Read more about PsychOpen and about the journals published by PsychOpen GOLD.

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