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Thursday 29. October 2015

Journal of Numerical Cognition publishes its very first issue

PsychOpen is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of the Journal of Numerical Cognition (JNC), a new peer-reviewed open-access journal for the focused discussion of research into numerical cognition.

JNC aims to be inclusive, and takes numerical cognition to encompass for example all branches of mathematics (including spatial reasoning), and welcomes research for its quality, regardless of whether its origins are in Psychology, Education, Anthropology, or other disciplines.

Besides the Editorial by JNC's Editor-in-Chief John Towse, which discusses the aims and scope of the Journal, its editorial team and community backing, as well as Journal features and benefits for authors, the first JNC issue comprises three original research reports:

In addition to preparing its next regular issue the Journal currently welcomes submissions for its first special issue on Domain-general factors influencing numerical and arithmetic processing, guest-edited by Andre Knops (Humboldt University, Germany), Hans-Christoph Nuerk (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany) and Silke Göbel (University of York, UK).

The PsychOpen Team at Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) is excited to see the Journal of Numerical Cognition coming to life, providing the numerical cognition community the specialised outlet for high quality research and scholarly contributions that would otherwise not exist!

Visit the Journal of Numerical Cognition at jnc.psychopen.eu

Details about the first special issue at jnc.psychopen.eu/announcement/view/2



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