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Wednesday 28. May 2014

New issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology

Europe's Journal of Psychology (EJOP) has published its May issue

PsychOpen is proud to announce the latest issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology (Volume 10, Issue 2) which is available on the journal's website free of charge.

This edition features a variety of contributions including an editorial by Lilian Patricia Rodríguez-Burgos from the Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia, and an interview with Dan Zahavi, a world leading phenomenologist, as well as a discussion between Laura Gardner Salazar and Zayda Sierra on the transformational qualities of dramatic arts. The issue also includes research reports covering different areas within psychology, theoretical contributions, literature reviews, and ends with a book review.

Table of contents


Prospects of Research in South America: The Case of Colombia
by Lilian Patricia Rodríguez-Burgos


Contemporary Phenomenology at Its Best
by Dan Zahavi, Andrei Simionescu-Panait

The Transformational Qualities of Dramatic Arts
by Laura Gardner Salazar, Zayda Sierra

Research Reports

Is the Relationship Between Marital Adjustment and Parenting Stress Mediated or Moderated by Parenting Alliance?
by Elena Camisasca, Sarah Miragoli, Paola Di Blasio

National Identification and Collective Emotions as Predictors of Pro-Social Attitudes Toward Islamic Minority Groups in Indonesia
by Ali Mashuri, Esti Zaduqisti

Training of Attention in Children With Low Arithmetical Achievement
by Maria Guarnera, Antonella D’Amico

Role Stress and Work Engagement as Antecedents of Job Satisfaction: Results From Portugal
by Daniel Moura, Alejandro Orgambídez-Ramos, Gabriela Gonçalves

“I Like My Body; Therefore, I Like Myself”: How Body Image Influences Self-Esteem—A Cross-Sectional Study on Italian Adolescents
by Elena Gatti, Chiara Ionio, Daniela Traficante, Emanuela Confalonieri

Romanian Children’s Representations of Negative and Self-Conscious Emotions in a Narrative Story Stem Technique
by Loredana Apavaloaie, Timothy Page, Loren D. Marks

Couples’ Relationship Self-Regulation Narratives After Intervention
by Vilija Girgžde, Viktoras Keturakis, Jolanta Sondaite

Mediating Role of Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies on the Relationship Between Attachment Styles and Alexithymia
by Mohammad Ali Besharat, Vahideh Shahidi

Theoretical Contributions

The Quality of the Evidence: Qualitative Research in Trauma Psychology
by Sandra Mattar, Eric B. Vogel

Literature Reviews

Trait Emotional Intelligence, Anxiety Sensitivity, and Experiential Avoidance in Stress Reactivity and Their Improvement Through Psychological Methods
by Kenneth Choi, Kristin Vickers, Adrianna Tassone

Book Reviews

Evolution and Rationality: Decisions, Co-Operation and Strategic Behaviour
by Farid Pazhoohi


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