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Friday 28. November 2014

New issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology

We are delighted to announce that the November edition of Europe’s Journal of Psychology (EJOP) is available online.

PsychOpen is proud to announce the latest issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology (Volume 10, Issue 4) which is available on the journal's website free of charge.

This issue features an editorial by Michaela Gummerum and Susan Denham (Plymouth University), an interview with Tyler Burge (University of California), a variety of research reports as well as a book review (Neuman’s “Computational Cultural Psychology”).

Table of Contents: EJOP November 2014


Cognitive Innovation: From Cell to Society
by Michaela Gummerum, Susan Denham


Anti-Individualism and Perceptual Representation
by Tyler Burge, Carlos Muñoz-Suárez

Research Reports

The Effect of the Psychological Sense of Community on the Psychological Well-Being in Older Volunteers
by Maura Pozzi, Elena Marta, Daniela Marzana, Caterina Gozzoli, Ruggero Andrisano Ruggieri

Rasch Measurement in Language Research: Creating the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Inventory
by Miranda J. Walker, Panayiotis Panayides

Perceived Social Support and Academic Achievement in Argentinean College Students
by Guadalupe de la Iglesia, Juliana Beatriz Stover, Mercedes Fernández Liporace

Physical Aggression and Facial Expression Identification
by Alisdair James Gordon Taylor, Maria Jose

Self-Esteem, Coping Efforts and Marital Adjustment
by Claude Bélanger, Marie-France Di Schiavi, Stéphane Sabourin, Caroline Dugal, Ghassan El Baalbaki, Yvan Lussier

“Does Community Make Any Sense?” A Semantic Analysis of the Term “Community” Among Albanian Immigrants and Italian Majority Residents
by Terri Mannarini, Alessia Rochira

Individual Differences in Work-Related Well-Being: The Role of Attachment Style
by Tiziana Lanciano, Vanda Lucia Zammuner

Organizational Emotional Intelligence and Top Selling
by Gabriele Giorgi, Serena Mancuso, Francisco Javier Fiz Perez

Psychometric Validation of the Toronto Mindfulness Scale – Trait Version in Chinese College Students
by Pak-Kwong Chung, Chun-Qing Zhang

Adolescent Bullying and Sleep Difficulties
by Simon C. Hunter, Kevin Durkin, James M. E. Boyle, Josephine N. Booth, Susan Rasmussen

A Case-Series Evaluation of a Brief, Psycho-Social Approach Intended for the Prevention of Relapse in Psychosis
by Petrina Brett, John Sorensen, Helena Priest

Book Reviews

The Case of Neuman’s “Computational Cultural Psychology”: An Innovative Theoretical Proposal and Welcomed Toolbox Advancements
by Raffaele De Luca Picione


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