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Friday 30. August 2013

New issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology

Europe's Journal of Psychology (EJOP) has published its August issue

PsychOpen is proud to announce the latest issue of Europe's Journal of Psychology (Volume 9, Issue 3) which is available on the journal's website free of charge.

The edition features a variety of contributions including an editorial by Lene Tanggaard from the Department of Communication and Psychology of Aalborg University and an interview with Professor Lou Marinoff, founding President of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA). EJOP also presents research reports covering different areas within psychology as well as a book review and conference announcements in the Global PsyPulse section.

Have a look at the table of content yourself:


Troubling Methods in Qualitative Inquiry and Beyond
by Lene Tanggaard


Café Philosophique with Lou Marinoff
by Lou Marinoff, Beatrice Popescu

Research Reports

Predictors of Marital Adjustment: Are There Any Differences Between Women and Men?
by Antoaneta Andreea Muraru, Maria Nicoleta Turliuc

Cultural Models Shaping Stalking From a Content Analysis of Italian Newspapers
by Andrea Caputo

Italian Adaptation of the "Autonomy and Relatedness Coding System"
by Sonia Ingoglia, Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio

Automatic Influences of Priming on Prosocial Behavior
by Costanza Scaffidi Abbate, Stefano Ruggieri, Stefano Boca

Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale for Cypriot Senior High School EFL Students: The Rasch Measurement Approach
by Panayiotis Panayides, Miranda Jane Walker

Sexual Compulsivity Comorbidity With Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Use in Students From Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Dzanan Berberovic

Emotional Expressions in Grandparent-Infant Grandchild Interaction in the Course of the First Year of Life
by Anastasia Pratikaki, Theano Kokkinaki

Migration Status, Familial Risk for Mental Disorder, and Schizotypal Personality Traits
by Odin van der Stelt, Dounia Boubakri, Max Feltzer

Investigating the Predictive Role of Social Self-Efficacy on Authenticity in Turkish University Students
by Seydi Ahmet Satici, Ahmet Rifat Kayis, Ahmet Akin

The Double Edge Sword of “High Potential” Expectations
by Igor Kotlyar

Perception and Expression of Emotional Suffering in Cancer Patients: The Role of Somatic Depressive Symptoms
by Luca Binaschi, Lorys Castelli, Antonella Varetto, Paolo Leombruni, Riccardo Torta

Are Differences Between Men and Women in Rotated Pattern Recognition Due to the Use of Different Cognitive Strategies?
by Catherine Brandner, Cédric Devaud

Intention to Remain at Work Until Legal Retirement Age: A Comparative Analysis Among Different Age Subgroups of Employees
by Catherine Hellemans, Caroline Closon

Book Reviews

The Inner Philosopher: Conversations on Philosophy's Transformative Power
by Beatrice Popescu

Corrected Versions of Articles

A Meta-Study of Qualitative Research Into the Experience of ‘Symptoms’ and ‘Having a Diagnosis’ for People Who Have Been Given a Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder
by Leo Russell, Duncan Moss

Global PsyPulse

Conference Announcements


Call for papers - Special Issue on "Humour, Well-Being and Health"

EJOP is open for submissions for its special issue on "Humour, Well-Being and Healt" (August 2014). The special guest editor of this issue is Professor Nick Kuiper. Download the full call for papers or read more in the EJOP announcement.


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