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Wednesday 01. July 2015

New issue of Interpersona

Interpersona - An International Journal on Personal Relationships has published its June issue

PsychOpen is proud to announce the latest issue of Interpersona (Volume 9, Issue 2).
Visit the journal's website to view the whole issue including the following articles:

Representações sociais da beleza física e relacionamentos amorosos
by Adriano Schlösser, Brigido Vizeu Camargo, Karen Cristine Teixeira

Relationship Satisfaction in Young Adults: Gender and Love Dimensions
by Alexsandro Luiz De Andrade, João Fernando Rech Wachelke, Anna Beatriz Carnielli Howat-Rodrigues

How to Flirt Best: The Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques
by T. Joel Wade, Jennifer Slemp

Minding Your Matters: Predicting Satisfaction, Commitment, and Conflict Strategies From Trait Mindfulness
by Jacquelyn Harvey Knowles, Valerie Manusov, John Crowley

Narcissism and Anger: Self-Esteem and Contingencies of Self-Worth as Mediating Self-Structures
by Grisel M. Garcia, P. J. Watson, Christopher J. L. Cunningham, Brian J. O’Leary, Zhuo Chen

The Effectiveness of “Undercover Anti-Bullying Teams” as Reported by Participants
by John Winslade, Michael Williams, Felipe Barba, Evelyn Knox, Harpreet Uppal, Juanita Williams, Lorraine Hedtke

My Parents Know Best: No Mating With Members From Other Ethnic Groups
by Abraham P. Buunk

Interpersonal Dynamics in Business Disciplines: Formulating a Hierarchy of Relational Motives
by Ronald R. Rojas


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