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Wednesday 31. October 2012

New issue of Psychological Thought (PSYCT) out now

PsychOpen is proud to announce the second issue of Psychological Thought (PSYCT). Visit the journal's website to view the whole issue including the following articles:


Goals of Psychology and Tasks of "Psychological Thought"
by Vasil Madolev

Theoretical Analyses

Pedology as a Complex Science Devoted to the Study of Children in Russia: The History of its Origin and Elimination
by Elena Minkova

Clinical Cases and Studies

Geriatric Logotherapy: Exploring the Psychotherapeutics of Memory in Treating the Elderly
by John H. Morgan
(in Bulgarian)

Research Articles

Communication Problems Within Families With Patients With Dementia
by Polina Balkanska

Unemployment and Possible Alterations of Personality Traits: The Case of the General Causality Orientations
by Marius Drugas

Role of Perceived Fair Interpersonal Treatment and Organization-Based Self-Esteem in Innovative Work Behavior in a Nigerian Bank
by Oluyinka Ojedokun

Effect of Prayer and "OM" Meditation in Enhancing Galvanic Skin Response
by Ira Das, Himani Anand

Students' Self-Realisation as Their Need for Self-Actualization, Mechanical-Technical Abilities, and Adaptation to Educational Process
by Silviya Savova, Stanislava Stoyanova
(in Bulgarian)

Ethnic Stereotypes and Prejudices of Young People in the Period 2004-2012
by Zornitza Ganeva
(in Bulgarian)

Locus of Control and Protection of Consumer Rights
by Ivan Krastev, Ivelina Peneva
(in Bulgarian)

Youth Conformity Regarding Institutions and Media
by Nikolay Ivantchev, Kremena Markova
(in Bulgarian)

Book Reviews

Review of the Book "Defense Mechanisms. Coping Strategies. Self-Regulation"
by Stoil Mavrodiev
(in Bulgarian)


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