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Friday 20. December 2013

New issue of The European Journal of Counselling Psychology (EJCoP)

EJCoP has published a special issue: Turkey CPSYC Conference, Guest Edited by Dr. Zafer Bekirogullari

PsychOpen is proud to announce the latest issue of The European Journal of Counselling Psychology (EJCoP).
This is the journal's second issue on PsychOpen and a special issue on the Turkey CPSYC Conference, guest edited by Dr. Zafer Bekirogullari. Visit the journal's website to view the whole issue including the following:

Message From the Guest Editor
by Zafer Bekirogullari

Knowledge About HIV / AIDS: The Influence of Lifestyles and Self-Regulation in Adolescents
by Claudia Balula Chaves, Manuela Teixeira Bento, Manuela Conceição Ferreira, João Carvalho Duarte

When Informing About Eating Disorders Exacerbates the Problem Instead of Preventing it: Which Programs Work and Which Ones do not?
by Elena Faccio, Valentina Fusa, Antonio Iudici

The Influence of Stress on the Quality of Life of Hypertensive Patients
by Liliana Cristina Santos, Cláudia Balula Chaves, Ana Isabel Andrade, João Carvalho Duarte

Osteoporosis and Somatization of Anxiety
by Maria Papanikou

Assessment of Family Functionality Among the Elderly With Chronic Illness
by Claudia Balula Chaves, Odete Pereira Amaral, Paula Alexandra Nelas, Emilia Carvalho Coutinho, Rui Manuel Dionisio

New Ideas and Clinical Practices to Improve Corporeal Self-Esteem
by Elena Faccio, Mara Olocco, Antonio Iudici


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