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Saturday 31. March 2012

Psychology, Community & Health

PsychOpen launches new international open-access journal

PsychOpen is pleased to announce the launch of Psychology, Community & Health, a new peer-reviewed four-monthly journal with a particular focus on research in the fields of community and health-related psychology. The first issue of the journal is now freely available online at PsychOpen – the open-access publishing platform for psychology.

Psychology, Community & Health (PCH) welcomes English and Portuguese contributions in the broad areas of clinical (health) psychology and community (health) psychology, especially regarding its intersections. It invites empirical articles, methodological articles, literature reviews, and book reviews. PCH is edited by Filipa Pimenta (Health Psychology Research Unit – UIPES, Portugal).

For more detailed information on the focus, scope, and policies of PCH please visit the journal's homepage: http://pch.psychopen.eu

Call for papers:
Contributions can be submitted directly at http://pch.psychopen.eu/about/submissions

Call for reviews:
Researchers interested in becoming a reviewer for PCH should send their CV as well as a brief statement regarding their areas of expertise to pch(at)ispa(dot)pt

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact PCH's administrative office at pch(at)ispa(dot)pt


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