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Monday 12. August 2013

Symposium with PsychOpen at the 13th European Congress of Psychology (ECP) in Stockholm

Symposium »Towards Enhanced Science in Psychology: Projects Improving Scholarly Communication« (Chair: Erich Weichselgartner from ZPID) at the 13th European Congress of Psychology (ECP) in Stockholm (10th July 2013)

f.l.t.r.: The speakers of the session A. Günther (PsychOpen), V. Glaveanu (Aalborg University, DK), D. Lakens (Eindhoven University, NL), I. Schuster (Leipzig University) and H. Fuchs (University of Cologne)

In five presentations a symposium organized by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) looked into developments on the field of digital technologies fostering communication in psychology as well as psychology itself. Keywords in this context were openness, transparency and exchange in order to ensure replicability.

With her presentation The Open Science Framework Heather Fuchs from the University of Cologne, Germany, gave an introduction to the Open Science Framework (OSF), an online infrastructure for documenting, archiving, logging, sharing, and registering scientific projects.

With his talk A Software Platform for Reproducible Research Ingmar Schuster from the Leipzig University, Germany, introduced the Potsdam Mind Research Repository project, which is to provide access to peer-reviewed publications along with data and scripts for analyses and figures reported in them.

The Reproducibility Project was presented by Daniël Lakens from Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. It aims to identify the factors that contribute to the reproducibility and validity of psychological science.

Armin Günther from the PsychOpen team in Germany talked about Open-Access Publishing in Psychology and the PsychOpen Project and assessed innovative approaches to scientific communication and publication linked with open-access publishing.

In his presentation Running an Open-Access Psychology Journal: Lessons Learned from Europe’s Journal of Psychology the editor of one of the PsychOpen journals Vlad Glaveanu from Aalborg University, Denmark, described the experiences of transforming Europe's Journal of Psychology from a student project to a successful outlet for general psychology and prove that open-access publishing can be a means of achieving high scholarly impact.

The well-attended symposium ended with a lively discussion on the pros and cons of such an "open" psychology.

For further information on the single talks please contact info[at]psychopen[dot]eu



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